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Some companies need data centers capable of sending and receiving petabytes’ worth of data. Others require reliable connections to sites half a world away. Others still must scale up, then down, at a moment’s notice. The firms that help make Hollywood blockbusters must do all three at once. Their experiences offer lessons to enterprises in all industries, so read on….

Boeing’s defense business wanted to interact with battle simulations using the same sort of gestures Tom Cruise used in the movie “Minority Report.” Now sci-fi has come to life. READ ON….

BYOD has killed the Cisco’s Cius tablet, putting the final nails in the coffin of the “enterprise-only” mobile device, says CIO.com’s Shane O’Neill.

Billion-dollar online shoe store Zappos, and CEO Tony Hsieh, embrace the motto of Delivering Happiness. Living up to that means maintaining a reliable website and giving employees free reign to solve problems. CIO.com recently visited Henderson, Nev., to see how Zappos develops software. READ ON…

A new Gartner report reveals that social media monitoring in the workplace is on the rise. Until now, concerned companies simply blocked access. Would you rather your company block social networking sites or allow them and subject yourself to monitoring? READ ON…

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to update 12-year-old framework for disclosure and privacy as marketers increasingly seed messages on mobile devices and social networking sites. READ ON….

Major cutbacks at HP, at a time when its competitors are growing, raise questions about the company’s IT services strategy for the future. Will it be a low-margin service provider or strategic business partner? READ ON…

A recent slew of surveys about the bring-your-own-device trend portray a topsy-turvy computing world shaping up in the enterprise. The CIO’s ultimate challenge is to prevent the very real world of BYOD from becoming surreal. READ ON...

Managing interns — plus your own workload — can be tricky. Here are five expert tips from LinkedIn to help you both make the most of the partnership.

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.