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Tactus Technology has developed a new system that uses fluids to create physical “keys” on touch screens. The technology could make its way to smartphones, tablets, laptops and many more gadgets in the coming years. READ ON….

A look inside Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry brick-and-mortar stores provides insight into the three technology companies’ retail strategies and target audiences. Al Sacco takes a look….


Corning Unveils Ultra-Thin Bendable Glass

That is not plastic in the image above, it’s glass. In particular it’s a sheet of Corning’s new 100-micron-thick Willow Glass, a new ultra-thin and flexible substrate for LCDs and OLEDs. The extreme thinness of the glass should lead to lighter, svelter devices, but it also means that shape is no longer a barrier for design.

(via Corning unveils slim, flexible Willow Glass (video) — Engadget)

The free Socialcam app for iOS has skyrocketed to success recently, but there’s already been backlash. CIO.com blogger James A. Martin thinks the app is okay, but it feels familiar.

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to update 12-year-old framework for disclosure and privacy as marketers increasingly seed messages on mobile devices and social networking sites. READ ON….

Sony recently unveiled a portable, hand-crank-powered charger that can recharge your gadgets when no power outlets are available. Unfortunately, it may never be sold outside the Land of the Rising Sun. READ ON….

As the White House rolls out an agenda to open and optimize government data for mobile devices and accelerate use of smartphones and tablets across departments and agencies, a security expert warns that federal CIOs must address an array of vulnerabilities. READ ON…

We all know that the “S” in the current iPhone 4S stands for Steve. The upcoming iPhone, which could potentially have a new and different design, won’t have an “S.” The new iPhone will be CEO Tim Cook’s calling card. Will he deliver under the crushing weight of Apple expectations? Cook and a post-Jobs Apple need to do more than deliver home-run financials. A new Apple has to reignite the base and show it still has the courage to give customers not only what they want now but what they will want in the future.

Malware exists that lets Bad Guys hijack webcams and microphones. The U.S. government can’t even do that yet, at least not legally, but it is working on it. READ ON….